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Race, Racism and the Law.  This is one of my favorite sites, full of insightful articles that explore the law, culture and racism in American society.  There are essays here from writers from all walks of life, and I have spent hours reading the writings on this site.  Visit, read and learn a good deal about how racism and the system often work together.



I ran across this site which deals with the disproportionate number of African Americans that are incarcerated or on death row.  Considering that our current "President-elect" has overseen the execution of over 100 men during his term as Governor, we need to make sure that we are aware of what is going on.  

The Real Illumination on the Prison Population



African American Online Writers Guild.  Like to write?  Like to read offerings from good writers?  This is the site for you



I have met many a poetic soul on campus.  Here is an online poetry contest.  Want a way to test your talents on the world?  Poetry.com  Be bold.  Submit your work, and I might be saying, " I knew them when..."





Sorting Out JT's problems.  A site that you should just go visit and experience, and determine what you can do to help strengthen our young black men.


This site is disturbing.  No question about it.  It is also about a very real part of our history.  The African American Holocaust Site has graphic pictures of cross burnings and lynching...things that we do not see often, but cannot afford to forget.


Black Muslims in America.  Information and resource links about one of the most influential forces in the African American community.





The African American Almanac.  A great collection of resources on African American culture and history, as well as polls and quizes.


Black History.com  A wonderful web site resource and community to share the history of Black people.  For those writers out there, you can post your work here, or send postcards designed by Black artists to your friends.


I stumbled across this page as I was looking at new sites for Black History month.  Visit and experience some wonderful creative work at Black Reality.Com.  This website also welcomes submissions from other promising writers, and I found it to be one of my most enjoyable recent finds.


Will the Circle be Unbroken?  The Erosion and Transformation of African American Civic Life.  A very interesting article on the changes in participation in politics and movements of social change.  What do you think?



Sheldon's World - Images of Life
Join Earth, Wind & Fires Guitarist Sheldon Reynolds On His Journey Through The Images Of Life...



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