For The Kids

At the time that I add these sites, they are for Kids, but due to the fact that things change on the web frequently, I always suggest that parents or an adult guardian monitor the activities of children on the web.  Also, you can employ many of the monitoring types of software for filtering unwanted sites from your web searches.  Keep the web safe!

Afro American Kids - I really like this site


 Mattel Interactive Store

Math is Power!  A good site to sharpen those math skills!  Supported by the National Science Foundation.  This is a shockwave site, so if your computer is slow, you might want to skip this site.


African American Kids Zone.  Games, brain teasers, history and fables make this site a delight for children to learn about the history and folklore of African Americans.


Inside Out: Arts and art education resources for children and teens.

Creative Imaginations.Net   Get those creative juices flowing!

The Foundation for Scholastic Success

African American Resources online for K-12













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