Important  links for Business Students and Entrepreneurs.

Inc. Magazine is one of the best resources for business that you will find on the web.  Articles change often, and you can create a briefcase for yourself online, for free, to hold all of the good articles that you want to save.

Black Collegiate Magazine.  Job resources, information for students as they plan their future, and a network of other African American students for you.

Never too early to start looking for a job.  Minority Graduate helps you get your future in focus, plus a comprehensive job bank for minority candidates.

Black  The popular newsstand magazine in a web format.  As always, excellent content and great links to sources of information for your business.

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From the SBA, here is a step by step, self paced tutorial on writing a business plan.  A business plan is a must for new and start-up businesses, though often we, as entrepreneurs, just don't have the time.  But, I promise you, if you want your business to be an effective player in the long term, a business plan will help you greatly.  If nothing else, it will help you to take a good hard look at your competitive environment, and let you start developing strategies to combat obstacles.  Call it your business mental armor... but do it.

Black - BlackEnergy exists to educate and leverage the African American market for energy services. Empower us to serve you and we will.


The Tennessee Tribune - Weekly News for African American Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.



If you have an interest in starting your own business someday, you should really get to know the story of Madam C. J. Walker.



Better yet, buy her Great-great-granddaughter's biography of her fascinating ancestor entitled "On Her Own Ground."




African American Newspapers.  A comprehensive listing of the African American newspapers across the country.

Brooke Stephens Online.  This is a savvy lady with the information that you need to get started investing.  A great link for anyone in business, or just planning their financial future.

Ms. Stephens is also coming out with a newsletter for beginning investors.  Free information delivered to your e-mail.  Sign up here!

Making It!  Minority Entrepreneurial Success Stories.  I am very excited about this site, because I think it is important to see success stories, that look like you, while you are on the way to becoming one.  Though many of the resources that they link to are from Southern California, the information is pertinent to businesses anywhere.

Considering what companies you might want to work for?  Take a look at Fortune Magazine's 50 best companies for minorities.

Black Press  Very interesting news and business site about US.

A recent survey of business owners indicated that the security threat they feared most was from employees.  If you need to keep discreet tabs on your staff, this site has the tools.

MBE.  Minority Business Entrepreneur, Online.  Good articles and updates on government resources.

Hey Business Students and Entrepreneurs!  I want to know what you think!!!

There are a few business topics on which I would love to hear your opinion.  Stop here, and tell your truth.  Respond to what is online, or add a new question.  Let the thoughts flow....



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